Heather Martin

Heather is a languages specialist and graduate of New Hall (now Murray Edwards) and St John's College, Cambridge.

Heather once earned her living as a classical guitarist. She has been a lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the Universities of Hull and Cambridge, and at King's College London, where she was also Admissions Tutor, and has worked as a freelance translator for the United Nations.

Heather was for many years Head of Languages and Head of Enrichment and Extension at St Faith's School in Cambridge, and has served as MFL Subject Leader for the IAPS. She pioneered the teaching of Spanish at St Faith's and the integration of the language in other curriculum areas from Drama to PSHCE and Humanities, establishing the school as an honorary Associate of the Spanish Embassy. In 2012 her Year 4 pupils became the youngest ever winners of the Embassy's national video competition with the all-Spanish video short 'Martín Pescador'.

Heather has also worked as Assistant Head at Kensington Prep School. She writes as a Subject Genius blogger for the TES and delivers training on teaching Languages and the Gifted and Talented.

Heather tweets @drheathermartin