Taverham Hall Preparatory School News - 10 May 2012

Taverham Hall pupils step back in time

Pupils visit Gressenhall Rural Life Museum

Year 1 children from Taverham Hall School were very fortunate and enjoyed a warm, dry day when they visited Gressenhall Rural Life Museum as part of their topic work! First the pupils visited a Victorian cottage and one of the children, Elliott S. experienced sitting in a hip bath.

The Victorian shop selling tins of Cadbury’s Cocoa and the school room where there were notices saying “children should be seen and not heard”, caused much amusement as well as interest amongst the boys and girls. Abbie A. acted the part of the teacher helper filling the inkwells and Benjamin R. played the piano to accompany the children.

A walk down to the farm saw the wonderful Suffolk Punch horses, piglets, goats and turkeys which was then followed by something the children had all been looking forward to – the washing and the cooking!

One group of pupils went into the farmhouse and made little cottage loaves, whilst the adults whipped cream to make butter. The children then sampled the bread and butter and pronounced it delicious!

The second group of youngsters were involved in a Victorian wash day, seeing the carbolic soap grated into the water, using the dolly and the washboard to clean the clothes and the highlight of the day – using the mangle to squeeze out the water!

The children finished with an energetic time on the very exciting adventure playground. Everyone had a wonderful time, Matilda B. summed it up saying “I wish this day would never end, it’s the best ever.”

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Taverham Hall Preparatory School was founded in 1921 and is a co-educational IAPS day and flexi/weekly boarding school which offers an exceptional education in an idyllic 100 acres woodland location with excellent facilities for children aged 2.5 –13. A dedication to provide outstanding pastoral care combined with personalised, academic learning programmes, small classes and investigative hands-on Forest School experiences in the unique woodland environment ensure that any child, whether sporty, creative or academic who values space and freedom to develop, is motivated and thrives at Taverham Hall School.
The school is situated in Norfolk's well known Ringland area which is easily accessible via the A47 north-west of Norwich.

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