Aberdour School News - 02 November 2010

Aberdour School Wins Science Prize

Out of 350 entries nationally Aberdour School was the overall winner in the RSC Bill Bryson Science Prize

On Wednesday 20th October Hannah Taylor, Thomas Earl, Lucy Upot and Charlotte Norris went to the Houses of Parliament to collect their prize as winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Bill Bryson Science Prize. Out of 350 entries nationally Aberdour School was the overall winner. Before the ceremony the winning pupils and their families were given a tour of the old Palace of Westminster. Their host was Stephen Benn, son of MP Tony Benn, who has a lifelong association with the building. He showed us the crypt, which is not normally accessible to the public, a place where he was both Christened and married. After the tour they were taken to the Dining Room for the prize ceremony. Tere they met a variety of distinguished people including the author Bill Bryson. After the prize was presented congratulations was given to the winners by John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, who said he wished he had been better at Science when he was at school. The winners’ names have also been published in the House of Commons’ Early Day Motions

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